Hexatronic Products for the Entire Network


Fiber Optic Cables


Fiber Optic Cables Including:

Micro Cables

Nano Cables

Air Blown Fibers

Drop Cables

Cables for Duct Installation

Cables for Direct Buried Installation

Cables for Aerial Installations

Cables for Indoor and Indoor/Outdoor Installations

Hybrid Fiber / Power Cables

Submarine Cables


Microducts and Microduct Assemblies

Microducts and Microduct Assemblies Including:

Thick Walled Ducts

Thin Walled Microducts – SLIM

Tight Protected Microducts

Microducts for Aerial Applications

Microducts for Indoor Installations

Microducts for Indoor Water Installations


Microduct Accessories

Microduct Accessories Including:

Microduct Connectors and End Plugs

Divisible Seals

Duct Joint and Duct Branches

Accessories for Aerial Installation

Marker Pegs


Installation Tools and Accessories

Installation Tools and Accessories Including:

Air Blown Fiber (ABF) Installation Tool

Installation Tool for Nano Cable

Miniature Compressor for Air Blown Fiber and Nano Cables

Cutters, Pliers, and many more!


Network Products

Network Products Including:

Fiber Access Terminals and Fiber Termination Boxes

Fiber Distribution Hubs

Joint Closures for Fiber Optic Cables

Optical Cable Connection Chambers


Fiber Optic Interconnect Products

Fiber Optic Interconnect Products Including:

Equipment Rack Systems

Optical Distribution Frames

Patch Cords, Pigtails and Cable Assemblies

Splitters and Other Passive Optical Devices

Fiber Optic Accessories


Wireless Infrastructure Products

Wireless Infrastructure Products Including:

Hybrid Fiber/Power Cable Assemblies

Fiber Optic Jumper Cables

Accessories for Hybrid Fiber/Power Cable Assemblies

Fiber Feeder Cable Assemblies