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Hexatronic InOne Solution


Air Blown Power and Fiber System Optimized for 5G & Smart Cities


Hexatronic introduces InOne air blown power and fiber system. Forget complicated installations and multiple cables for power and fiber connections. With Hexatronic InOne, devices may be connected to power and fiber networks with a single micro hybrid cable – which can be blown into an existing infrastructure of ducts.





Applications of the InOne Hybrid System

DAS (Distributed Antenaa System)

Simple and direct optimization of:

  • Radio Access Network coverage

  • Fiber Access Network connection

  • Power Network connections

Combines two networks into one

which reduces

  • Complexity

  • Total cost

Public WLAN Coverage


  • Extended reach of PoE by using the InOne systems PoE extender.

  • A single cable in the InOne system can transmit enough power for several daisy chained WLAN access points over distances of 1000 m or more.

Public WLAN Coverage


  • Owning your own power gives another dimension to the term security and reliability for critical applications.

  • No need to worry about local power interruptions, UPS battery maintenance etc.


Ready to use in Existing Infrastructure

Blowing InOne slim micro hybrid cables into microducts can reduce installation costs by 50-70%. Unoccupied microducts in existing network infrastructure can be used to get maximum output of the network investment already made.

The InOne system can feed multiple devices with power and fiber using a source located at a single point. This simplifies network and installation planning and gives you total control over power and fiber supply. With distances of 500-1000 m and power transmission of up to 400W, the distance and power limitations of existing Power and Fiber transmission systems such as PoE are overridden.

The InOne system uses a unique low voltage transmission system to safely transmit high power over long distances through extremely slim air blown cables. The InOne system is tested and approved in accordance to EN 50288-7.

System Overview Example