Tawasol Internet of Things




The Internet of Things

Tawasol got engaged early in IoT and invested heavily in competence development, certifications, & Lab systems. We were also very active in participating in IoT Forums and Exhibitions internationally

Tawasol today can engage with customers to understand their needs and provide them with road-map to IoT. Weather it is user-experience, cost saving, or operational excellence we are at the fore front of Technogly to provide you with the solution that meets your objectives. 





Our in house resources, and global vendor alliances, we start our customer engagement with diagonal, education, RoI studies, and design services

Customer often have many control systems, that are in silos, and data is very local, with simple analytics. IoT can utilize these existing investments , and provide you with the ability to integrate silos, and put you in better position to save money and increase operational efficiency while providing an outstanding customer experience.